Waze and Nissan launch in-car campaign

Gabby Fernie

Nissan has teamed up with navigation app, Waze to launch an in-car campaign to raise awareness of the Nissan Pathfinder. 

Available in the US through to the end of September, branded Pathfinder Preferred Terrain Pins on Waze will alert drivers to the most scenic spots along their drives and road trips, including beaches, forests and groves, marshes, lookouts, rivers, and streams, as well as natural features across the country. 

The pins are based on the most popular outdoor destinations among Waze users in the US from January 2020 to the present and will aim to increase brand awareness and affinity.

Another branded touchpoint will be the icon used to place a user's car on the live map - with this changing to a Nissan Pathfinder.

With car use increasing as concerns around public transportation linger, Nissan will aim to reach outdoor enthusiasts and weekend warriors with pins and the Nissan Pathfinder at the front and center of the connected car experience.