Run better app retargeting campaigns in 2024 with Remerge’s new guide

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App-based businesses require a constant flow of new users to grow their business – but they also need a mobile retargeting strategy to retain newly acquired audiences and nurture their existing customers. In a new guide, Remerge has provided a solution for today’s mobile marketers.

AppsFlyer reported that in 2022 almost 50 per cent of apps were uninstalled within the 30 days after they were downloaded – and almost half of those uninstalls took place within 24 hours. So how do marketers stop this from happening? Where do they start when testing retargeting for the first time or optimizing campaigns they are already running?

With its guide, Remerge has covered everything marketers need to know about programmatic in-app retargeting campaigns, including how this marketing tactic will evolve in the privacy-first era.

What’s inside the guide:

  • How in-app retargeting works
  • Technical requirements and setup
  • KPIs and goal setting
  • Guidance on user privacy
  • How to look for a retargeting partner
  • Key tips for ad creatives
  • Top segmentation strategies

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