Jet Magazine partners with Disctopia for digital relaunch

David Murphy

Jet Magazine, which celebrates black culture, is partnering with Disctopia, a podcast, music, and audiobook streaming platform for independent creators, for the launch of a Web 3.0 mobile app to enhance audience engagement and user experience.  

Disctopia’s Enterprise service crafts tailor-made platforms for media companies to distribute their content. This includes Disctopia’s patented True Play engagement technology, which reports daily listeners and downloads, while calculating metrics such as total plays in a certain time period, geographic location, and user engagement retention. Jet will be leveraging these services to publish proprietary news articles, journalistic pieces, interviews, videos, podcasts, and eventually, TV shows, and movies, and to sell merchandise.

Jet recently relaunched its publication digitally, nine years after its last print release. With the help of Disctopia, Jet is aiming to reemerge and build a modern and immersive space for long-time fans of the magazine. The app will make smarter content suggestions based on user preferences via True Play metrics.

“This feels like the right time for Jet to come back to empower the black community just like it did in the past,” said Daylon Goff, President of Jet Media. “Choosing the best technology was the only logical path to relaunch, catch up with trends and set new ones. Disctopia is a great ally on our new journey as they’ve also used their streaming platform to highlight young talent in the black community.”