DFS launches 'What's Your Thing?' campaign on Pinterest and Shuffles

David Murphy

Furniture retailer, DFS, has launched a campaign on Pinterest using the social platform’s Shuffles app. With Shuffles, users can create collages and digital art on their phones, cutting, overlapping and adding elements and animations to images from their camera roll or from Pinterest Pins.

DFS is the first brand globally to harness both Shuffles and Pinterest in a partnership to support its latest brand campaign ‘What's Your Thing?’ Over the next four weeks, DFS is inviting home enthusiasts to express their interiors ‘thing’ in Shuffles using DFS sofas and beds for a chance to win the content in their shuffle by publishing their creation on Shuffles, Pinterest and Instagram using the hashtag #MyDFSThing. The campaign will encourage Pinterest users to head to Shuffles to take part in the competition.

To do so, they need to open up Shuffles and tap the + icon to start your creation. Choose a DFS sofa or bed to feature in the Shuffle from the DFS brand drawer which can be found under the price tag icon and then swiping left. Now it’s time to create a scene around it. Use anything and everything – whatever brings ‘your thing’ to life. Once happy with it, include the campaign hashtag #MyDFSThing in the description, and share the creation by publishing it on Shuffles, Pinterest and Instagram.

“‘What’s Your Thing?’ highlights our belief that homes should be a unique expression of who we are and that’s why Shuffles is such a great fit,” said Catherine Woodward, Head of Digital marketing at DFS. “It both helps and inspires  our customers to really embrace styles  that reflect their truest selves. It’s the perfect ‘moodboarding’ tool for our customers. They can browse our diverse collection of sofas and beds to find the one that’s just right for them and also use the many collage tools on the app to bring their ‘thing’ to life, giving them confidence in their interior design decisions before purchasing.