AppsFlyer acquires Devtodev

David Murphy

Marketing measurement, attribution, and data analytics firm, AppsFlyer, has acquired Devtodev, a full-cycle data analytics solution for game and app developers. AppsFlyer said the acquisition boosts its core offerings and marks a significant step in the development of the new AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud Marketplace. It also said it expands the firm’s capabilities to meet the evolving needs of modern gaming and digital businesses, and serves as a natural extension of the AppsFlyer for games suite of products and resources for gaming companies.

Founded in 2014, Devtodev helps developers analyse their games and apps, and delivers data-driven insights for optimising user retention, maximising conversions, and creating personalised experiences. The synergy between AppsFlyer and Devtodev technologies unifies the entire customer data set into one robust measurement and data analytics platform, creating an array of tools, insights, and experiences to enhance the user lifecycle and accelerate business growth.

"Devtodev's technology, team, and expertise are a perfect match for AppsFlyer, creating a synergy that fuels not just business growth, but a visionary approach to the future,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and Co-founder of AppsFlyer. “This collaboration fosters a spirit of unity among marketing, product, and monetisation teams, empowering them with a fully integrated data ecosystem.”

Accelerated digital transformation has made the role of marketers more complex, and highlighted the importance of product-led growth in the gaming and apps sectors. With marketers focusing more on retention and customer lifetime value (LTV), the demand for advanced data analytics has surged. Added to this, an increased focus on privacy measures and a recent increase in signal loss, data silos and inconsistencies have complicated the marketing decision-making process. AppsFlyer said the acquisition will enable gaming and app developers to harness unparalleled, unified data analytics and actionable insights, unlocking powerful opportunities for efficient growth.

Devtodev will be one of the analytics solutions that integrates into AppsFlyer's Privacy Cloud Marketplace. AppsFlyer's Data Clean Room will serve as an open and interoperable platform, and AppsFlyer said that Devtodev’s integration underscores itscommitment to a future where businesses can seamlessly integrate third-party services and AI models from various providers, while ensuring data privacy and operational efficiency.